why letterpress


letterpress printing is a form of relief printing that has been used since the 1400s. everything -- from books to newspapers, magazines and more -- was printed using this process. many people today are attracted to the deep impressions moveable type & different dies can make in a page. moon & thistle honors the history of the craft while embracing new techniques that help bring our clients' projects to life.

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one of our favorite parts of the bespoke printing process is getting to know more about you and your project. we are happy to explain the letterpress printing process and find different ways to bring your vision to reality.  let's meet at the printshop, a local cafe, or even over telephone to discuss.

COntract & deposit

once the details are nailed down, we will send you a proposal to accept & contract to sign. a 50% deposit is due upon your signature of this contract, and gives us the go-ahead to begin work on your project. we will send you a link to your own client portal, where you can track invoices, contracts, emails, task lists, and more.


we provide three rounds of complimentary, digital proofs for your project. more proofs are available for an additional fee. additional proofs may extend to your project timeline. your proofs can also be accessed within your client portal.

once you approve your final proof, the remaining 50% of your deposit is due. we begin printing at this point.


depending on the size of your project, it will take 2-3 weeks after proof approval to complete letterpress printing.

projects can be picked up at our sebastopol or santa rosa location, or we can arrange usps priority mail shipping if you are out-of-area. you are responsible for shipping costs.

shipping or pick up